Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Willowdale Elementary School

Posted by Darren Scorpio on 7:03 PM

First place I am honored to write about is Willowdale Elementary, yes I go here so this blog might be just a little bit biased. First of all I must say that I have never been into the whole SL school rp thing, mostly because I don't enjoy serious rp and totally loathe people who take their rp too damn serious. I like just being me, and I will not under any circumstances stop being myself.

I have in the past under other avis attended HK winter and summer camps and for a short time another school and I must say the experiences for me only made me loathe the whole idea about school even more. I mean c'mon can somebody explain to me why child avis freak out if you cuss? I mean did you not cuss when you were in rl elementary school? But anyhow that is not what this blog post is about.

I found my home in Willowdale Elementary because here I can be myself. Some people still piss their pants over such little things as cussing but at least not as much.

The curriculum at WES is much different than any other school in sl. We have so many fun classes, for example Harry Potter class headed by Ms. Lisa and it sure beats having to sit in a boring class like math or science. There is also a building class with Dr. Kool who teaches us to make really cool things and even goes into scripting a little bit. For those who love dance, we have dance, ballet, cheer leading and even gymnastics. Whatever you are into, you are sure to find a class that will interest you, and here is the good part, unlike other schools you are not stuck with only one class two times a week. Here are WES you can attend any of the classes any day of the week, it is up to you which class you want to attend to.

At a mere 200L per month for tuition WES sure gives you a lot for your money and after careful searching I have not come across another school in SL that offers you so much for so little.

It is not the price of attending here that makes me love this place though, it is the real sense of community and family that we have here. Everyone at WES gets along and we all take care of each other and for me that is priceless. If you have ever wanted to try going to school in SL but have been too shy to attend any of the other schools where people seem to be...well you know not so friendly, then give WES a try, you will really feel at home from the start.

Feel free to leave your thoughts on WES if I left anything out, or heck even leave your thoughts on me if you want I don't care I can assure you I will not be offended.

To visit Willowdale Elementary here is the slurl http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Carmel%20Bay/65/137/22

ETA: I will update this post as needed.


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