Monday, December 3, 2012

Business Guide for Second Life: Tip #1 To Increase Your Bottom Line

Posted by Darren Scorpio on 12:55 PM

Beauty Sells

Beauty matters, it is unfortunate but it does matter. We are hardwired to admire beauty, this is why we are bombarded daily by ads with very attractive models. Have you ever seen an unattractive Victoria's Secret model for example? The answer is probably not. By purchasing a Victoria's Secret item you will not magically transform into the attractive model, but there is a certain perception that such ads create in our minds that we will indeed look that way if we wear the same thing the attractive model is wearing.

The above holds true even in the virtual world, there is just no denying that using an attractive avatar to market your products makes a huge difference in your bottom line. Keep this in mind when taking a picture of your product. Invest time, effort and money in making your avatar as attractive as possible, this includes finding the perfect skin, hair, and even the poses you will use. Sure you can argue that beauty is subjective, however trust me on this one, putting a little effort on the look of your models will help you increase your bottom line.

Store names blurred
Store names blurred

For example both ads above are of similar products one priced higher than the other. Of the two which one are you more likely to purchase? Probably the higher priced one. This is for two reasons, for one because you are human, there is the perception that because the model in the picture looks attractive in the clothes you will also look attractive in them. Secondly, and this is Second Life specific, by using an unattractive avatar you have created the perception that your items are of poor quality. While your creation may very well be of high quality one tends to believe that if you have taken very little time to improve the quality of your avatar then chances are that you have also put very little effort on your creations.

Likewise if you are a child avatar clothing creator, keep in mind that "cute and adorable" sells. I cannot begin to tell you how many listings I have seen on the Marketplace where the supposed child avatar looks nothing like a child but a badly made 60 year old midget from 1800's.

As shallow as all this sounds, if you are looking to increase profits keep this tip in mind when preparing the avatar that will model your creations.

If you don't have the money to put into your avatar then hire a friend whom you have always thought is attractive. Offer them the product they will model for free as payment or offer them a few lindens for their time. This small investment will prove to make a huge difference in your favor.


To my point of view this is exactly what I call a stunning blog article! Do you run this blog for personal purposes solely or you use it as an additional source of income?

Personal as you can see I tend to neglect it :/

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